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Wet Ink Photography
in Lodi, California is a husband and wife team, Maarten & Susie Wentink. We serve the Sacramento, Lodi, Stockton, Manteca, Tracy, Ripon & Modesto area. The name Wet Ink comes from the fact that many people, understandably, mispronounce our Dutch last name as something that sounds like Wet Ink (it should be more like Ven-Tink). But instead of fighting it we thought to just go with it.
As a husband & wife team we bring a man’s as well as a woman’s perspective to any wedding, event or portrait shoot. That fact often leads to a better result for our clients who keep telling us they love our work.
Maarten tends to focus on the technical and composition of the work, while Susie is the one that keeps overall aesthetics and form in mind. Together we strive to find out what our clients want out of our work and then add that little extra personal touch to it. We both love photography and are always excited to see the photos of a shoot we did, we want our clients to be excited as well. The process of making photos must be fun and exciting as well, we feel that if a client enjoys the process the results will be just that much better.